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Online Platform is an interactive map of South Caucasus which enables all interested people to report about cases of violations of Internet Users' Rights (censorship / surveillance / privacy / cases of repercussions for on-line activity / filtering and blocking of websites etc.), with indication of place, time and small description of the case.

The information can be filtered according to categories: e.g. countries, regions, cities, types of cases etc. The platform visualizes the information, e.g. number of total cases, cases by each category, cases by countries etc.

Besides description of each case, there is a space (e.g. blog) for more in-depth analysis for authorized users. This may include investigation of individual cases, comparative analysis of three countries/regions/cities, recommendations for the government etc.

Additionally, there is an application of timeline, showing all cases in the chronological order.

Target group: journalists, bloggers, activists, students, any citizen of the counties of South Caucasus whose right to freely receive and disseminate information via internet has been limited.

Export & share: Each separate case has an embeddable link which can be used on other sources, e.g. blogs, web-sites etc. Also, it is possible to comment and share on each individual case. Export of data is available in various formats: excel spreadsheets, CSV and PDF. In case of PDF the user is able to export not only quantitative information about the cases, but also descriptions and charts automatically generated by the platform.

Security: The server is in Georgia and security is ensured, so that anyone from the countries with more harsh conditions in terms of internet freedom can freely use the platform without the fear of repercussions. Privacy of the reporters is also secured, and anonymous reporting is available.

General goal of this platform is to promote freedom of online expression in the South Caucasus. It is created within the framework of the project “Promoting Internet freedom in South Caucasus” implemented by Free Press Unlimited and regional partners Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), Yerevan Press Club (YPC) and Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) with the financial support of Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands In Georgia and Armenia.

The project aims to promote Internet freedom in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia through research, monitoring, advocacy and training. It aims to expand and consolidate freedom of speech through establishing of a regional platform where democratic changes are stimulated and promoted through campaigns and story sharing.