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Baku Court orders closure of previously blocked websites

Date: 2017-03-27


Author: IDFI

Posted Category : Local NGO representative,Regulatory bodies,Web-sites,Azerbaijan,Restricted/Blocked/Denied,Europe,

On 12 May, the Baku City Sabali District Court sustained a lawsuit filed by the electronic Security Center (ESC) under the Ministry of Communications on the closure of five independent online-resources: (The Azadliq newspaper), (Radio Azadliq'), "",, as well as Azerbaycan saati (Azerbaijani Hour) and Turan TV channels. 

The defense lawer, pointed out that the Communication Ministry's decision made on 27 March on blocking the aforesaid websites violated the European Convention on Human Rights, the Strasbourg-based Court's ruling over blocking certain websites in Turkey, as well as the 2016 resolution of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, under which a website can't be blocked and the restrictions should apply only to a certain information.

Emin Milli, the director of Meydan tv, one of the blocked websites, believes that the court ruling was conditioned by the government's intention to shield the readers from critical materials.