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Rasim Aliyev was beaten to death

Date: 2015-08-09


Author: IDFI

Posted Category : Journalist,Individuals,Other,Azerbaijan,

An Azerbaijani journalist, Rasim Aliyev died in a Baku hospital on August 9 after being beaten the previous day. He was allegedly attacked and beaten by supporters of a local soccer player, Cavid Huseynov. It is believed that the attack was carried out in retaliation for criticism of Huseynov that Aliyev posted on his Facebook page.

While being in hospital, Aliyev told Meydan TV that after his Facebook posting he received a call from someone claiming to be Huseynov's cousin, who yelled and swore at him on the phone. Afterwards, he received another call, the same person apologized for his earlier phone call, and said the two should discuss the situation over tea. Aliyev eventually agreed to meet and drove to see the man. After getting out of his car to shake his hand, Aliyev said he was suddenly attacked from behind and knocked to the ground. He said he was then kicked and beaten by six men for about 40 seconds. Aliyev said they took his phone and wallet and ran away in different directions. He was then taken to the hospital where doctors said he had four broken ribs, an ear injury, but was said not to have any damage to his internal organs. His condition worsened overnight and doctors operated to remove his spleen. They said they also found an injury to a lung.

The Interior Ministry said a criminal case on intentional infliction of bodily harm leading to death had been opened and an investigative team was looking into the case. It added that the case is under the close supervision of the ministry and the prosecutor-general. Ali Hasanov, an aide to President Ilham Aliyev, said the case "is being closely investigated and the perpetrators will be found."