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Case of

Date: 2012-07-18


Author: IDFI

Posted Category : Student,Individuals,Blogs,Georgia,

There is a blog created by law students of Tbilisi State University about issues surrounding their university life and the student self-government In spring of 2012 the vice- president of the student self-government at Tbilisi State University claimed that the blog did not have right accents, and that it created negative PR against student self-government. Consequently, two bloggers, Z.M. and T.U. were beaten in the office of the student self- government. The police was called and some measures were taken. During the following days, there were demonstrations in front of the university. The administration of the university was waiting for official response from the police and on its side had promised to punish those involved. However, there was no information on final decision from the Ministry of Interior. The students, who have fallen victims of violence, were further threatened. There were even calls to their families and finally they decided not appeal to court. Later, Facebook accounts of these two students and one more student, I.B. were hacked at Tbilisi State University. Therefore, they created a new blog.